Café culture experienced!


I wrote recently about the sudden influx of cafés arriving on Southsea Beach and I have finally made it to eat at the newest, Southsea Beach Café.  We sat outside with The Hound who was immediately made welcome and offered a bowl of water which of course, he turned down scornfully.

Southsea Beach Cafe by Sue Lowry

He was waiting for me to order his doggy ice-cream made by Petersfield-based dog food company Billy and Margot. As soon as it was put down (he chose the Apple, Banana and Carrot flavour), he was soon licking the contents and moving the carton around all the tables much to fellow diners’ amusement.

The Hound on Southsea Beach with Billy and Margot doggy ice-cream

I took the afternoon tea here and it was fresh and delicious, served with the cutest primary coloured vintage teapots (have to get one of those). Where possible, the cafe has a policy of sourcing products from the local area which also puts a big tick in my book.

Southsea Beach Cafe by Sue Lowry

We will certainly return here again … and again no doubt – if we can get in. From the looks of things, Southsea Beach Café is already extremely popular with both locals and tourist alike!  And, they have The Hound’s paw of approval.

Southsea Beach Cafe by Sue Lowry

Southsea Beach Café, Esplanade, Southsea, Hampshire, PO4 0SP is on twitter & Instagram @SouthseaCafe, on Foursquare and on Facebook Southsea Beach Café.

Contributor & photographer: Sue Lowry

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