Four Seasons: The Petersfield Tree

Petersfield Tree 2

When you have a much-used route to a particular destination, it’s funny the things you notice.  For me, travelling regularly to Petersfield Railway Station to take the train up to London, it’s a tree in a field just on the outskirts of the centre, which features a ladder.

Petersfield Tree 2

I always glance at it when driving by to check that the tree and the ladder is still there.  I’m intrigued by it.  Why has it got a ladder and what is it for? It doesn’t seem to be used, it doesn’t appear to move. I hear an unseen farmer shooting birds from time to time but I have never seen anyone actually climb the ladder.

I admit, it’s now become part of my driving ritual – and I often stop to take a picture of the tree and its probably more attractive companions in the field. I pray that the tree with the ladder will remain where it is – untouched.  It’s become something of a symbol of enduring normality and permanency for me in this ever more complexing world of ours.

Funny the things that go through your mind when driving, isn’t it?

Contributer & photographer: Sue Lowry

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  1. Laura Bloomsbury says:

    Loved these many aspects of your your tree – an understandable attachment given duality of their permanence and changing faces. BTW a perfect post for this weeks photo challenge – Transition!

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