The French Nativity

Lucéram, Côte d'Azur by Sue Lowry

When I travelled over to the French Riviera last winter, I didn’t expect to be spending an afternoon looking at nativity scenes – but I am so pleased that I did. High up in the hills, an easy 30 minute drive from Nice, is the village of Lucéram, a medieval perched village which in 1988, decided to decorate the entire village with crèches or nativity scenes as a tourism initiative.

Lucéram, Côte d'Azur by Sue Lowry

Since then, this annual “festival” is drawing in the crowds and as you follow your map around town featuring the 450 or so crèches, the “oohs” and “aaaghs” of those before you will designate a stopping point. Look up, down and around – every nook and cranny has it’s own crèche and there’s also a museum showcasing the concept.

Lucéram, Côte d'Azur by Sue Lowry

Walking up and down the steep alleyways, everything has been decorated – balustrades, steps, flower pots – even the random bicycle – and I have to say, you would have to have the hardest heart imaginable not to be completely bowled over by it.

Lucéram, Côte d'Azur by Sue Lowry

It’s all very light-hearted, it’s very well done – some of the scenes are exquisite – and it’s extremely friendly – both with those visiting and the proud villagers pointing out key spots. If you are over on the Côte d’Azur in the festive season, this is certainly a “must-visit” on your itinerary.

Contributer & photographer: Sue Lowry

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