Pawprint Series: A splendid beach in West Sussex


West Wittering

I know I have written about it before but I am penning this as a devoted dog owner.  It being, of course, the West Wittering Estate in West Sussex and if you love a pristine, white sandy beach, then this is the place to be.

West Wittering

Dog owners, like me, use the far end of the beach, past the beach huts near the flag post – and we are not short-changed for this for me is the better part of the beach.

West Wittering

The Hound, my own small canine, literally smiles when he sees the beach and races down the shingle to meet the sand, running around in circles just for the pure joy of being here.  If I had the energy, I would certainly join him!

West Wittering

For this is the perfect place to bring a dog.  The Hound does not trust the sea but he will splash into the inland pools left behind when the sea retires.  He emerges, shiny-eyed, looking for the next adventure, anxious to make new doggy pals.  And he does make quite a few new friends but even with these, the beach is never busy (or isn’t when I visit as I tend to avoid hot, sunny days!)

West Wittering

We walk down the beach, turning into the little inlet with all the boats and activity before returning via the grassy dunes at the back of the beach, job done.  Tired and satisfied dog and owner, returning to base.

West Wittering

Parking charges do apply so my tip for doggie owners is to come after 5pm.  It’s more affordable in peak season at £3.00.  Please always clean up after your dog.

Contributor & photographer:  Sue Lowry

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