A Very Singular Siamese …


Sometimes when you travel you meet someone extraordinary – and so it was with me when I visited Singapore and met a singular little Siamese cat called Jazzy. She is definitely Queen of all she surveys, is supremely beautiful and brooks no canoodling from casual aquaintainces – you have to earn her trust and then, only then, will she allow you – possibly – to stroke her.


This is like most cats you might think, but no, this little fluff ball  has overcome so many adversities in her short life that she is definitely something a little special. She has lived in three countries, Thailand, Singapore and Australia and started life at a Phuket temple where she had been abandoned, dying.  It was July and heavy rain – the other cats had pushed her away from the food and the dogs were attacking her so – smart cookie that she is – she sought sanctuary in the Abbot’s house.  It was here that a hotelier volunteering at the temple found her and took her home with her, to let her die in peace and comfort.


Against all the odds, this scrap of fur survived, albeit missing large bits of her coat where the dogs had attacked her.  When my friend went to see her, it was love at first sight and they immediately adopted each other. They have been soul-mates ever since, travelling around Australasia together, Jazzy adapting to the nomadic hotelier lifestyle.


Numerous operations later thanks to problems caused by her kitten injuries, including a bowel resection, Jazzy is living it up in Singapore and may, if you are extremely lucky, allow you to pay homage to her from afar.

Jazzy likes Longchamp (thx LeeSutton)

This little feline has a lot of guts and has overcome, without complaint, obstacles in her short life which would defeat most of us. I admire her immensely and its been a great pleasure to make her acquaintance. Long may you reign your Majesty, Queen Jazzy of Singapore.

Contributor & photographer apart from where stated:  Sue Lowry

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  1. lee sutton says:

    fab article on Princess Jazzy -she sends her humble thanks to Aunty Sue

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