Lamppost series – 2: The London Eye

For the second in my lamppost series, I couldn’t help but link lamppost two with one of my favourite London attractions, The London Eye on the Victoria Embankment.  Continuing the regal theme, this lamppost is crowned!

Look at the detailing of this cast iron dolphin at the lamppost’s base, designed, I believe, by G Vulliamy.  These were the first of London’s lampposts to be illuminated by electric and they were an early tourist attraction, as attested by Charles Dickens Jnr in his Dictionary of London according to The Victorian Web.  Until I started taking photographs again, I walked past these lampposts – and other London curiosities – with barely a glance.

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  1. Wow Sue, these are really wonderful shots! I am particularly smitten with the first one. I guess I’ve always been so busy looking at the London Eye that I missed the gorgeous lamppost. All the best, Terri

  2. a3traveller says:

    Thanks so much Terri – that means a lot to me 🙂

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