Four Seasons Series: St Hubert’s Church, Idsworth – 1

St Hubert’s Church, Idsworth, Hampshire – Winter

Over the past year, I have been taking photographs of my favourite landscapes or sites at various Hampshire and West Sussex locations – curious to see how they would differ each season.

St Hubert’s Church, Idsworth, Hampshire – Autumn

I chose this amazing little church for my first set.  St Hubert’s Church, Idsworth, is known locally as “the little church in the field”.  Dating back to Saxon times, St Hubert’s Church was left behind when its manor house disappeared.

St Hubert’s Church, Idsworth, Hampshire – Summer

I started taking my shots from directly in front of the church.  I was then recommended to try another viewpoint by a knowing local who told me “all the photographers I’ve met think this is the better view”.  I will leave you to judge when I post the next set.

St Hubert’s Church, Idsworth, Hampshire – Spring

A dedicated team of volunteers has helped preserve it however and today, you may still join regular religious services every Sunday – or simply come in and look at some of the murals dating back to around 1053.  Every time I have gone there, I have been joined by walkers, cyclists, vintage car enthusiasts and just curious locals, like me – all drawn to this wonderful and simple little piece of history.

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