The incomparable Hermione


Hermione @CMT-S Sicot

Every once in a while, a big idea comes along which is breathtaking in its audacity, scope and simplicity. Welcome to the story of Hermione, the replica of the ship that took Lafayette over the Atlantic to the Americas in the War of Independence against the British.

Hermione @CMT-S Sicot

Why am I so struck by this – given it’s a ship that fought against my country? Well, for one, this is about more than a ship, more than a war – it’s about friendship, understanding, history renewed and brought into life for all to see.

Hermione @CMT-S Sicot

Hermione is not just any ship. She is perhaps the most perfect example of handcrafted, authentic Tall Ship building in the past 150 years – the purest of tall ships. She is a living museum, breathing life into the sleepy Royal Dockyard of Rochefort – invigorating the community bringing revenue and visitors in equal proportion.She even won a highly commended by the British Guild of Travel Writers recently.

Hermione @CMT-S Sicot

She was built from French plans offered by the British, painstakingly put together by craftsmen and women from across the globe and will sail to America this Saturday 18th April on a voyage that will take 27 days.

Hermione @CMT-S Sicot

You can follow her progress on this website, by twitter (@HermioneVoyage), on Pinterest, on Instagram and on Facebook/Hermione Voyage. You can even become a social media ambassador for her, to help spread a message of peace and understanding across the waves.

Hermione @CMT-S Sicot

When she returns, around 27th August, she will resume her duties as a living museum in Rochefort, occasionally popping out to take part in the Tall Ships Races. I come from the Dockyard town of Portsmouth (who shared the plans) and have been honoured to have been invited to see Hermione’s progress from blocks of wood to a living and breathing ship of the line. As a proud Portsmuthian, HMS Victory is my ideal vessel, followed by HMS Warrior and the Mary Rose. But – and am whispering this here – Hermione comes close, very close, to my heart.

Bon voyage, chère belle Hermione – bon voyage.

Contributor:  Sue Lowry  Photographs: Courtesy of CMT-S.Sicot

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  1. Beachbums1 says:

    Great post. I’ve got tickets to tour Hermione next week while she’s docked in Old Town (Alexandria), Virginia. I’m so excited to get on board. Do you mind if I re-blog your post? The photos are lovely…

    1. a3traveller says:

      Lucky you – very envious! Of course you can re-blog – if you can credit the photographer, that would be great – Photographs: Courtesy of CMT-S.Sicot 🙂

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