The Renaissance of a Victorian Gem: St Pancras Renaissance Hotel London

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel London from my suite

My friend said come on over, I have a suite at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel London – and this is the decider phrase – in the old wing.  Well, I needed no further encouragement and quickly packed a bag and sped off towards this amazing property saved for the nation by Sir John Betjeman, bless his heart.

Entrance, St Pancras Renaissance Hotel London

Being a suite guest meant unlimited access to the old wing to explore on your own, at your leisure and this is just what we did. There are 38 suites at the property, the Victorian decoration of Sir George Gilbert Scott lovingly restored and married with contemporary furnishings. It was everything I hoped it would be and more.

Staircase, St Pancras Renaissance Hotel London

The building was saved by Sir John at the eleventh hour after he had led a public campaign to halt its destruction in the 1960’s when buildings of this size and extravagance was deemed outmoded and surplus to requirements.

Detail, St Pancras Renaissance Hotel London

With a Grade 1 listing granted in 1967, its immediate future was secured but it needed a knight in shining armour to restore it.

Sir Gilbert Scott Bar, St Pancras Renaissance Hotel London

It was when the station was named as the new terminus for the Eurostar service that its future became brighter and that knight appeared in the form of the Manhattan Loft Corporation in the mid-1990’s.

Corridor, St Pancras Renaissance Hotel London

The owning company’s courage in taking on this building is to be applauded as it took over a decade and hundreds of specialist craftsmen from all over the world, with English Heritage and latterly Marriott International, to overturn 70 years of neglect and realise this restoration in all its Venetian gothic glory.

The Lobby, St Pancras Renaissance Hotel London

This is where Harry Potter flew across the front of the building in his car in the Chamber of Secrets and where the Spice Girls filmed their first video Wannabe.  Even Batman booked in!  So if it’s good enough for them, why not come here and stay the night to experience this hotel for yourself or simply book in for a historical tour at just GBP20 per person?

Sir Gilbert Scott Bar

Double rooms start at around GBP250 per night with a junior suite starting at GBP525 with access to the amazing club lounge The Chambers. Rates are subject to change. To book a historical tour, call +44 (0) 208241 6921.  Group sizes are up to a maximum 15 people.

Contributor & photographer:  Sue Lowry

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  1. Great photos. I had afternoon tea here last year and loved the building. Would have loved to explore upstairs. Beautiful building

    1. a3traveller says:

      Thanks for commenting. I might return soon for one of the tours actually as it is so unique!

    2. Alfieri says:

      Visit the best-kept secret in the UK if you love Scott’s St Pancras masterpiece!
      Kelham Hall in north Nottinghamshire was Scott’s prototype for the Midland Grand Hotel at St.Pancras and it is a truly magnificent family mansion with the exterior and interior motifs used at St.Pancras!
      Set in over 40 acres of gardens and grounds by the river Trent Kelham Hall is a stunning Victorian Gothic-Revival masterpiece by Scott. Private guided tours by Prof Franklin Charles Bishop will allow you to experience the best-kept secret in the UK! Contact me for further details.

      1. a3traveller says:

        Sounds wonderful. Am adding it to my “must do” list for 2014.

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