Basel: New Featured Image

I tend to change the background on my blog every now and again and the current image comes from a visit to the art capital of Switzerland:  Basel.

I had just crossed over the Rhine on one of the four ferries that zig zag from bank to bank  using the water current as its power and walked up to the old centre of Basel.  The late afternoon Autumn sun made the leaves from the trees ranged down the quayside burn like gold against the blue of the water.  Beautiful.

Contributor & photographer:  Sue Lowry.  Follow A3Traveller on Twitter:  @A3Traveller and Sue Lowry on Google +, YouTube, Linkedin, Flickr and Pinterest.  I also operate another blog for my company, MagellanPR –  They can be followed on Twitter:  @MagellanPR, on Google+, on YouTube, on Pinterest and on Facebook.

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