A beach resort in winter …

I love living near a beach, particularly in the winter time, where tourists are sparce and you feel like you have the whole area to yourself.  A few images of Southsea Beach, Portsmouth taken recently.

Although dogs are welcome the Eastney end of Southsea Beach all year around, they can wander elsewhere off season.  I love that someone has “customised” this sign post.

Walks are often brisk due to the wind coming in from the sea … but definitely refreshing.

You have the entire beach to yourself usually – always good to walk, think and renew.

Apart from those fishing of course, out in all weathers, usually very young.  Am always amazed at how many people fish these days.

Unless you want company … and to warm up again!   The Coffee Cup – dog lovers’ home away from home.  The welcome pitstop before driving home.

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