End of the Pier Show

I admit I am something of a sucker for a pier – that magnificent iron engineering feat that projects out into the sea, standing firm (mostly) in all weathers.  A relic of the golden age of travel introduced by the Victorians, day-trippers loving promenading along the pier on their days off, dress up to the nines, strutting their stuff.

Littlehampton Pier

Today, many are clearly in need of some TLC whilst others such as Brighton’s West Pier, seem lost to us for ever.  Even when past their prime however, I still think they are romantic places to visit and I intend to continuing doing just that before they disappear for good.  I might just purchase a Bradshaw’s Guide – that invaluable aid to the Victorian traveller, popularised by Michael Portillo in his TV series, Great British Railway Journeys to aid me in my search.   I wish that more modern-day tourism entrepreneurs and developers had the tenacity & forethought of those early Victorian visionaries to build a pier for the 21st century.  Wouldn’t that just be terrific?

Worthing Pier

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